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HPE GreenLake Is Resonating As ‘True Alternative To Public Cloud’

As businesses add new venues for IT assets, the complexity of managing everything increases. HPE GreenLake lifts the burden from your customer’s shoulders.

For any organization considering a managed services approach, adding new target platforms and locations for workloads to run in are usually top-of-mind. By offloading operations to a third-party provider, you can relieve the burden on IT, focus on core competencies, free up staff to work on new projects, and access skills that aren’t available internally.  

“Everyone is seeing GreenLake as a true alternative to public cloud for those workloads that must stay on-prem,” said Antonio Neri in an interview with CRN following the release of the company’s fiscal third quarter financial results. “Also, in many cases they are repatriating workloads to on-prem. But it is all driven by data gravity. They struggle with the data aspect of this with regard to where to put the data so it is in compliance, the latency component of this [is also an issue].”

What’s more, he said, there is in many cases a single point of failure with public cloud. “If something happens, you have no backup,” he said. “We can actually give customers a true hybrid experience—being off prem, on-prem and give them a true hybrid estate, and to be able to use technology like Zerto, for example, which is not just about data protection for ransomware, but also to drive portability of workloads back and forth. That to me is very, very important.”

HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform brings cloud-like simplicity and flexibility to your customer’s IT assets, wherever they are located – it’s the cloud that comes to you.  

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