HPE GreenLake Is Resonating As ‘True Alternative To Public Cloud’

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On-demand services and outcomes are your currency in the new digital native world.

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10 HPE GreenLake Game Changers From HPE Discover 2021

At Discover 2021 HPE announced that it is stepping up its on-premises cloud services leadership with a comprehensive set of innovations to the HPE GreenLake edge to cloud...

HPE GreenLake Is Resonating As ‘True Alternative To Public Cloud’
HPE's Pivot to the "As a Service" Business, What it Means to You

As businesses add new venues for IT assets, the complexity of managing everything increases. HPE GreenLake lifts the burden from your customer’s shoulders.

For any...

Look For Massive Acceleration With New GreenLake Experience
Run Your Most Demanding Workloads on HPE GreenLake

HPE CEO Antonio Neri promised a “massive acceleration” of the GreenLake business over the next six months as HPE takes its edge-to-cloud platform-as-a-service to new...

HPE GreenLake Wins $2B Contract with the NSA
HPE GreenLake Wins $2B Contract with the NSA

HPE has secured a 10-year, $2B contract with the National Security Agency (NSA). The intelligence agency plans to use HPE's high-performance computing (HPC) technology as...

HPE GreenLake Cloud Platform
Cloud Services Delivery is HPE's ‘No. 1 Priority

As part of an aggressive new GreenLake edge to cloud platform as a service evolution, HPE CEO Antonio Neri has created a new GreenLake platform development team model...

HPE GreenLake Cloud Platform CRN Data Center 50
The 50 Coolest Data Center Companies In 2021

The overall data center market hasn’t felt any significant impact from the global COVID-19 pandemic as cloud titans like Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft...